Laundry plumbing can be just as important as a bathroom or kitchen. However they are more likely to be forgotten or underrated issues. Laundries generally require hot and cold water for washing machines and sinks/tubs. They are also generally exposed to output steam and hot moist fully saturated air from clothe drying machines. If this steam saturated air isn’t cooled, desaturated or vented correctly, the moisture will cause damage to roof, walls and floor, also furniture and other laundry installations that are vulnerable to water. It will also damage neighbouring appliances and electronics, potentially the adjacent electrical fittings and wiring. The latent heat from the steam, that is cycled on and off many times over the lifetime of a laundry, applies work to the materials that are exposed to it, damaging them, then the cooled water rots organic materials and corrodes metals.
We have the laundry experts. They have been plumbing laundries for over 25 years. They have seen all the worst case scenarios and know how to design laundries to avoid such situations and can repair even the worst pre-existing laundry.

They handle the installation of and all plumbing related repairs to, all washing machine and dryers, across all brands in both a domestic and commercial capacity. Want a no hassle solution? They can take care of delivering and installing your new appliance as well as removing the old one. All this can be done with just one call, we are available 24 hours 7 days. So no matter if its an emergency situation where a dryer or washer needs replacing immediately, or you need an after hours installation to allow for a busy work schedule, we have you covered.

We help do emergency plumbing repairs from water leakage damage and steam damage. We help install and repair exhaust vent, extraction and induction fans. We help plumb steam escapes and can handle all of your steam plumbing needs from your appliances both domestic and commercial.